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I go to restaurants: The Fighting Burrito

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Since I went to The Fighting Burrito for a light lunch, I’m going to do a light review. Location: 13th St, just south of Grand. Decor: inviting and hip. Atmosphere: there were a lot of people there for lunch. Service: the dude who made my burrito seemed like a nice guy.

On to the important stuff.

The menu has a good variety of ingredients I’d expect in a burrito joint, and a few I wouldn’t. There are six specialty burritos (two vegetarian) in addition to a make-your-own option. I went with the Crazy Horse, made with shredded beef, wild rice, white and black beans, a spicy corn salsa, jalapenos, and a spicy peach-based hot sauce, all wrapped in a sun-dried tomato tortilla.

To start out, it wasn’t a mouthwatering trip south of the border- nor was I expecting it to be. It was an American version of a burrito; about as big as a bottle of soda and stuffed to the bursting point. The wrap was warmed a bit too hastily, as there was a streak of it still at room temperature near the center (not the fillings, I should point out; just the wrap). The wild rice was ever-so-slightly al dente, but I consider that a plus. The beef was soft and well seasoned, and the corn salsa was sweet, but had a nice kick. The best part of the Crazy Horse, however, was the peach-based hot sauce. It was intense but fruity, and it tied the burrito together well. It paired with the jalapeno and the beef excellently.

For a quick lunch, The Fighting Burrito is a good place to stop. It may not have the authenticity that one can easily find around this city, and it may be a bit more than one can take as a midday meal (I was definitely in a food coma for the afternoon), but I know that I’ll be coming back for more.

Total cost: $8 for a burrito and a fountain soda.

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Written by oswegowriter

18/01/2013 at 8:59 PM

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